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Y for Yogi

Yogi sits in meditation
blissful in his realisation.
Sitting underneath a tree
is where he really likes to be.
With straightened back
eyes opened a crack,
his presence did surprise the yak.
Yogi said, “Please don’t be frightened,
everyone can […]

Washing the Heart Clean

A farmer and his grandson once lived in a cabin nestled in a mountain valley. They led a simple life tending sheep and a few goats. They took their cheese and wool to the village […]

The Tolerant Tree

In the middle of a beautiful orchard teeming with birds and squirrels
Stood a towering ancient tree.
Its long branches arched over the grassy hedges
Its colossal roots grew deep under the narrow stone pathways.

In a […]

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Once upon a time there was an honest and kind shoemaker who lived with his wife in a tiny shop. Silver haired and bespectacled, he would sit on a worn-out stool at his workbench mending […]

The Butterfly

“How does one become a butterfly?” the disciple asked.

“You must desire to fly so much, more than anything else, that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar,” answered the master, looking up towards […]

Staying Fixed

“How can we stay focused on our goal?” asked a disciple to his spiritual master.

The guru did not give a direct answer. Instead he said, “Go to the burning ghat* and offend the dead.”

The disciple […]

Savitri and Satyavan

There was once a noble young princess called Savitri who was to be married. Her father, King Ashwapati of Madras, asked if she would like to choose her own husband. Thus, Savitri took a royal […]

Prince Dhruva’s Resolve

Once a boy called Dhruva went on an incredible quest to gain his own kingdom. No child had ever tried such a thing. Fearless, Dhruva eventually found real treasure beyond his imagination.

Prince Dhruva was […]

Growing Your Wings

One sunny afternoon a boy was playing in the park when he found a little caterpillar under some leaves. He carefully picked it up and took it home to show his mother. He asked if […]

Digging up Treasure

In a village dry with drought, there was a farmer who went one morning to his field, intent on digging up a well. Just as he was about to thrust his shovel into the earth, […]

Cricket in the City

In midtown New York, a Native American and his friend walked through Times Square. It was lunch hour; crazy hour. The streets were teeming with people. Cars honked, taxicabs squealed around corners, sirens wailed across […]

Bhagirath Brings Ganga Devi to Earth

There was once a glorious king called Bhagirath in the illustrious dynasty of Ikshvaku. He was a fair and powerful monarch who cared that his subjects were always happy.

But Bhagirath was himself troubled when he […]

Arjuna, The Greatest Archer

In a magnificent city called Hastinapur there lived a glorious family with princes of extraordinary strength and great promise. Five of the boys were called the Pandavas and were sons of the great King Pandu. […]

Another Man’s Wealth

A rich man took his son to the countryside to show him how poor people lived. They spent a few days on a farm with a family that struggled to eat properly or feed their […]

A Frog’s Word

determination, hope, camaraderie, inspiration, never giving upAn army of frogs hopped through a wood, slipping through brambles, shrubs and leaves. Searching for a lake or pond, they moved swiftly. Suddenly two of the frogs fell […]

The Mountain Talks

A boy once decided to walk through the Valley of the Gods, a sacred region said to be the resting place for the God of the Mountains. This god was reputed to speak wise words […]

The Making of the Magnificent Bridge

It was in the silver age that the supreme Lord descended on Earth as the mighty Lord Ramachandra. He was a handsome and valiant prince, born in a long line of celebrated kings. Due to […]

The Lighthouse

Nightfall had come but the captain of the ship remained standing on the bridge, looking out to sea. Visibility was poor because of fog and he wanted to keep an eye out. Suddenly he saw […]

The Cracked Water Pot

In a tiny village nestled on a mountainside there was once a hardworking water-bearer who brought fresh water to his master every day. The walk from the river was long and trailed over a hill […]

The Cookie Thief

In a busy airport lounge, a woman was waiting for her flight. She had some time to go so she bought a good book and a packet of biscuits before settling down comfortably in a […]

The Big Elephant

A school teacher took the register for his small class of six blind and partially sighted students. These children were excellent pupils. Curious about everything, they asked Mr Shanti hundreds of questions about every topic […]

Lord Brahma Sees His Counterparts

One day Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, wished to meet Lord Vishnu, the lord who resides in every atom and in every universe as the maintainer.

Lord Brahma stood at the glittering gates […]

King Bali Honours His Unexpected Guest

Bali was a demon king of immense might and power. He had gained protection from a family of illustrious sages and with their blessings taken over Indrapuri, the gorgeous city of the heavens. He had […]

Jay and Vijay Disrespect the Exalted Kumaras

In the enchanting kingdom of Vaikuntha, Jay and Vijay, two celestial doormen guarded the grand and glittering seventh gate. Armed with maces, the tall and mighty brothers wore jewels and shining helmets. They were dedicated […]

Is there a Barber?

Snip went the scissors as the barber set about giving his new customer a haircut. The man in the seat relaxed as his head tilted forwards. The two men were friends and enjoyed catching up […]

King Indra is Blinded by Pride

Indra, the king of the heavens was outraged when he heard the villagers of Vrindavan had stopped their annual celebrations to honour him. King Indra controlled the rains that fell on Earth. In fact, he […]

Bhrigu Muni Kicks the Lord

Bhrigu Muni was on a quest to find out which of the three lords was supreme. His father, Lord Brahma, created vast universes and was the chief engineer of everything that existed. Lord Vishnu ensured […]

Wonderful Murari Gupta

In the fifteenth century, Krishna came to Earth as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Bengal, in India. He played the role of a philosopher, saint and devotee of the Lord so he could share the deepest secrets […]

Threading an Elephant Through a Needle

Narad Muni, the celebrated sage who travelled about the universe singing prayers and narrations of Lord Narayan, once came to a village on Earth and met a Brahmin priest who was just completing his morning […]

The King Cuts His Finger

Once there lived a noble king who ruled over a great city. He was kind and fair, though also a little short-tempered. He carried out his royal duties with the help of a trusty minister […]

The Kindness Thread, A Buddhist Fable

There is a Buddhist tale about a man named Gan Daduo who lived a very unfortunate life. He did many bad things and committed all sorts of crimes.

One day while walking along a street, […]

The Good Dog and the Bad Dog

A traveller once met an elder from a Native Indian tribe. They sat together around a crackling fire, under a blanket of twinkling stars. The elder was a wise and caring person. He looked long […]

The Cherry – Tree Anecdote

I have chosen to leave the story in its original form without adaption into modern language. I think it can be used as it is and easily ‘converted’ verbally if desired.

It is argued that […]

The Brave Bear in the Tree

As soon as Lord Rama vanquished the demon King Ravana, he sent Hanuman, one of the chief monkeys, to free Sita Devi held prisoner in Ravana’s palace gardens.

Hanuman was furious when he saw a […]

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time, a shepherd boy was tending his sheep on a hill. He had been told by the villagers to raise the alarm if he saw a wolf attacking the animals.

Alone all […]


one stormy night, a voyaging ship was ravaged by furious winds and wild waters. Of the seaman aboard, only two survived. They washed up like driftwood on a small deserted island. At dawn, the weak […]

Sakshi Gopal – the Deity Walks

Long ago a wise old man and his young companion set out on a trail of special temples and sacred forests. Kind and responsible, the young man took good care of the old man, making […]

Pulling Out the Roots of a Bad Habit

A concerned father consulted with the town’s priest about his son.

“Padre, my son is good at heart but he has developed a new taste to lie. He lies about everything. He is so convincing […]

Moving the Rock

In the middle of the night, Leon woke up with a start. He had heard something. When he opened his eyes he found his room flooded with light. There was someone standing before him but […]

Hanuman’s Heart

A glittering coronation took place in the kingdom of Ayodhya. After fourteen long years of waiting and yearning, the inhabitants witnessed the rapturous scene: flanked by his three brothers who stood joyously in service, Lord […]

Gajendra’s Great Prayer from the Heart

Gajendra was elephant king of a huge herd. He was powerful and mighty; all the forest animals feared him and offered him respect.

One day the herd roamed near the Trikuta Hill and came across a […]

A Candle’s Glow

A teacher once decided to test two of his best students. He gave them a practical task that sounded much easier than it actually was.

“Take 100 rupees each,” he said, “and use the money […]

Bharat’s Great Resolve

In the city of Ayodhya it was the night before the prince’s coronation. The palace was bustling with servants who decorated the halls, gathered sacred preparations and prepared magnificent feasts.

Prince Ram was to become […]

Bahula, The Brave Cow

This is the story of Bahula the cow, one of many thousands who roamed freely across the lush pastures, mountains and valleys of Vraj*. She was strong and robust, with a well-groomed coat. Every day […]

The Old Man’s Treasure

Once upon a time there was a rich old man who dreamt of having more sparkling jewels and glittering gold than anyone in the kingdom. He had constructed a cellar underneath his home with huge […]

Making Light of Troubles

A man was walking down the street when a dribble of bird droppings plopped on his head. He looked up and saw a bird flying away and said, “Thank God – thank God, elephants don’t […]

Lord Ram and the Boatman

Lord Ram, Sita Devi and Lakshman had left the kingdom of Ayodhya for exile in the forests. As they moved deeper into the wilderness, the three wanderers reached the banks of River Ganga. They were […]

A Father’s Gift

A young man was soon to graduate from college. For many months he had been admiring a sports car in the window of a showroom. Knowing that his father could easily afford it, the excited […]

Z for Zebras

Zebras eat a favourite treat.
They like the grass,
they don’t like meat.
They have a rather pleasant home,
but I’m sure they would prefer to roam.
The angel stopped to say goodbye.
A little tear came to her eye.
It made […]

The WW1 Christmas Truce

Different living beings take on different bodies, like clothes, but a learned person sees everyone as an equal. The Supreme Lord greatly appreciates the compassionate dealings following this perspective. “The Lord is very satisfied when […]

The Boy and the Little Puppy

A nervous and excited boy stood outside Mr Nibb’s pet shop. He was here to buy a puppy. His mother was in the grocery store next door and had said he could go ahead and […]

Rantideva – The Selfless King

In ancient times, there was once a great king called Rantideva. He ruled over his kingdom with the care and generosity of a loving father, always doing everything possible to satisfy the needs of his […]

A Heavy Prayer

Preparations for the festival of Janamastmi, the birthday of Lord Krishna, were being made everywhere. Streets were lit up with bright lights and decorated with colourful bunting, mouth-watering feasts cooked in every kitchen, flowers strung […]

Growing the Truth

A noble and kind king once ruled over a vast and prosperous kingdom. Everybody lived contented and happy lives though the king began spending his days inwardly worried about the future. He was growing old […]

Prahalad The Courageous

Prahlad is one of the most extraordinary boys in history. While in his mother’s belly, he had listened to spiritual narrations and developed a deep love for Lord Vishnu. When he was five years old […]

Jatayu The Brave

Prince Ram, with his faithful wife Sita Devi and his loyal brother Lakshman, left the kingdom of Ayodhya for fourteen years of exile. They roamed the lush forests of Chitrakut and Dandakaranya, visited the serene […]

Draupadi’s Divine Bowl

The Pandavas were princes of great character and virtue. Led by Yudhistra, the eldest of the five brothers, they were the most powerful warriors the world had ever known. They lived in the grand kingdom […]

Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Daniel was one of King Darius’ most trusted administrators in the ancient city of Babylon. Come from Israel, Daniel was an honest and hardworking man, devoted to God. The king liked him so much he […]

Choosing Krishna

The colossal battle of Kurukshetra was soon to begin. The Pandavas would fight their cousins the Kauravas in the most bloody and gruesome war ever seen. The conflict had begun as a dispute over the […]

The Starfish Thrower

An old man had a habit of early morning walks on the beach. One day, as he looked along the shore, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. As he came closer he […]

The Ingenious Dog

A wealthy man set off to a safari in Kenya. He brought along his faithful dog, Rex, for company. The two of them drove out in their jeep every day– excited about what they would […]

The Determined Sparrow

A sparrow flew over the landscape searching for a safe place to lay her eggs. After several days, she saw a beautiful beach gleaming with soft white sand. It looked so inviting that the little […]

Robert the Bruce and the Spider

Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland (from 1306 to 1329) is one of Scotland’s greatest kings and most famous warriors of his generation. He led the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, winning independence from the […]

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