Sacred Space

“Spiritual collective consciousness has a powerful influence on the world” – Radhanath Swami

Tuning into the spiritual energy is not so different conceptually from tuning in to some form of invisible material energy. If you push a button on your remote to tune into a TV channel, you are choosing a particular frequency—perhaps a football game from Texas or the news from Baghdad. In the broader context, the buttons on the remote that let us choose between material and spiritual frequencies are your life choices and state of mind. Both are driven by your desires. We humans have the power to receive and transmit “consciousness waves” according to our free will. The waves that ripple out from us travel far and affect others in the world. We learn from classic yogic texts that consciousness is one of the most powerful energies in creation. Whatever we think, feel, want, speak, or do affects the environment and the living beings around us. In the same way, we are affected by other people’s energies. Some people emit positive waves and some emit negative waves. If we’re careful to absorb positive energy— kindness and compassion, for example— then we can relay it to others and contribute to the healthy energy in the world. If we give in to negativity, we will also relay that into the world. When people share the same frequencies, whether elevated or arrogant, selfless, or selfish, that collective consciousness has a powerful influence on the world.

The bhakti tradition encourages us to deepen our connection with the sacred within ourselves by visiting holy places. Although sacred spaces can be in our own homes or in local gatherings, going on pilgrimage to historical holy places is especially potent. There we can put all worldly concerns aside, at least for the time being, and fully tune into the spiritual energy there. Pilgrimage is a special opportunity to receive the blessings of saints and deepen our relationships with like-minded people who walk with us on the pilgrimage of life.