Understanding Hinduism: Curriculum used to educate over 3,000 students across the country

Understanding Hindusim, is a resource for teachers, parents and schools who wish to explore Hinduism with their students. The curriculum covers all key stages and ages from 3-16. We aim to see children leave school with a coherent understanding of Hinduism (belifes and practises). We also seek to support teachers through training and resources in developing their own knowledge, confidence and understanding in delivering the curriculum.


Our bespoke curriculum is taught to over 3,000 pupils across the country. There are resources for 3-16 year olds. To view our curriculum please click here. You will require a login to access this content.


Songs and prayers are a large part of Hindu culture and devotion. We have compiled a list of prayers with child-friendly translations and links to recordings so you can play them directly and sing along!


Bhakti-yoga is a way of life, through simple practises one can connect to the divine. Engaging in these practical acts of bhakti-yoga, will awaken a deep sense of fulfillment, happiness and devotion.