In the Middle Ages, there was once a goodhearted architect who decided to build a cathedral. He felt the people of the town lacked inspiration and hope. He wanted to serve them and help uplift them. His dream was big but his funds to finance such a project were too small. It seemed a lofty impossible idea.

Refusing to be disheartened, the architect decided to go a quarry where he knew many stone masons and construction workers gathered for local jobs. He wanted to find fellowship and support for his project.

In the quarry, there were men everywhere. Some were breaking rocks out of the hillside, some were hammering slabs into shape, some were transported heaps of stones elsewhere. The architect addressed one man who was using a hammer and chisel on a huge rock.

“Excuse me, sir, what are you doing there?” he asked.

“Can’t you see?” the man answered, “I’m preparing stones.”

The architect watched the brusque man pick up his tools and begin hammering. He knew such men would not be able to help him. After thanking the stone mason, the architect walked over to another man who was doing similar work.

“Please excuse me, what are you doing?”

“I am building a home!” the man said.

The architect was overjoyed to receive such a beautiful reply. It showed the stone carver worked with vision and inspiration. This man had not limited himself to the smallness of his immediate task but was aware of how his activity fitted into a much bigger picture and meaningful purpose.

The architect engaged his new friend in further talk and then left the quarry in an encouraged mood. On a second visit he took the stone mason into his confidence, made him an advisor and began the construction of the town’s first cathedral.

Many enthused workers joined in from neighboring regions when word spread that a church was being built. The architect received help, guidance and sponsorship from many unexpected places. Obstacles and troubles came too, but he kept a picture of the cathedral at the forefront of his mind. He could see it standing tall and majestic in his imagination. This fuelled his determination and helped him find solutions around every problem.