One day while a sage was going through a jungle, he saw two golden rams (billy goats) fighting each other.

Fighting Goats And The Jackal - Panchatantra Story Picture

Even though both were wounded, and blood was oozing out from their heads and bodies, they did not stop fighting and rammed at each other.

At the same time, a hungry jackal was passing by. When he saw all the blood, he started licking the blood from the ground without caring for the fighting rams.

Watching all this, the sage thought to himself, “This jackal is a fool as it has become greedy by the smell of blood. If he comes between the fighting rams, it will get rammed and get hurt himself”.

Fighting Goats And The Jackal - Panchatantra Story Picture

No sooner had the sage thought of it, the jackal craving for more blood came nearer to the fighting rams, and got caught in the middle of their fight.

Both the rams rammed into him by mistake. He got hit on his head, and fell down because he was severely wounded.

The wise indeed say:
Do not close your eyes to the impending danger due to greed.